YarnArt Blommor Månsken

Color: Moonlight / 3253
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YarnArt Flowers Moonlight is a new yarn from YarnArt's 2020 collection! It's a gradient cotton yarn, the analog of the Dutch yarn Scheepjes Whirl.

Gorgeous skeins of yarn resemble buds, ready to bloom with fantastic flowers in beautiful products with the help of a needlewoman. The yarn Yarnart Flowers is soft to the touch, not prickly, and pleasant.

It comes as a "cake" and contains enough yarn for one medium-sized product - a triangular scarf, a thin blouse, and an oval box.

Knit pleasantly on thin hooks; knitting is light and matt. You can combine 2-3 pieces for a nice size blouse or dress if desired. Ideal for knitting masters of one and two hooks who prefer mixed fabrics in colorful color combinations.

This yarn consists of 4 thin threads twisted among themselves. It is a sectional dyeing yarn, and the pattern is laid in strips. The manufacturer has picked up beautiful, juicy transitions and color combinations. It's also relatively thin, and the product turns out light.

It is recommended to wash products from Yarnart Flowers yarn manually or in a delicate mode in a washing machine at a water temperature of 40 °C, dry laid out on a horizontal surface, and iron with minimum power. The yarn Yarnart Flowers is perfect for knitting baktuns, shawls, dresses, or stoles.


53% bomull, 43% polyakryl, 4% metallisk


260 gram (9,17 uns)


1094 yards (1000 meter)



2.5 mm (US 2)


Virkad krok:

3 mm (C-2)


28,0 st = 4 tum


1: Super Fine


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